Donna Straw

About Donna Straw

Artist Statement 

When beginning a painting I derive my inspiration from an actual place or reinvent one by incorporating images from a variety of different places. Regardless of what I have seen, the work is a stylized interpretation of the real as well as the imagined.

Color fuels and feeds my passion. My use of color is spontaneous and intuitive. Ultimately my pieces are each unified and cohesive, but it is the journey and the process of discovery that excites me- the color mixing, my choice of palette, the placement of one color next to another in order to create contrast, harmony and/or the use of values and intensities to create the illusion of light and spatial depth. As spaces are resolved and other spaces present themselves as a challenge, the painting takes on a life of its own. After teaching Art with great intensity for 35 years, I am now able to harness the energy I poured into my students and find fulfillment in my work as a painter. How lucky for me!