Donna Straw


I needed a picture to really set off my living room when I remodeled my home. I wanted to bring the "outside" in to make the room look larger and lighter. Donna visited my home and we talked about my objectives and ideas. She came back with a few sketches and selected one. The finished piece did just what I wanted. It coordinated with the adjacent room and lightened the room. I was very pleased. When I sold the house, the buyer admired the picture and we included the picture in the sale. This is the first time I worked directly with an artist and will do it again. It was a terrific experience.

Carolyn Sicinski


I have had the pleasure of having Donna Straw create a piece of artwork for me. I requested a myriad of sea shells on canvas. She obliged by presenting me with exactly what I asked for. Her work is impeccable. Her attention to detail is second to none and so much fun to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for commissioned art anytime.

Dolores Febres


 Many years ago, when I was practicing law in New York, I had an office to decorate. The walls were standard office buff and the room was spare and uninteresting. I had seen a lovely hard-edge acrylic painting of roses done by Donna Straw hanging in a friends living room. I asked Donna if she could make me some similar roses with a slightly different color palette and in a specific size. The painting was a huge success, admired by all who saw it, and now that I am retired and living in New Hampshire it looks great above my bed. Ask Donna about having custom work done for you. You will be pleased with the result.

Linda L. Barnes